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Happy Monday! As you might know by know, I’m a huge fan of any type of activity and adventure. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that one of THE BEST activities I have ever done is paragliding in Switzerland! There are so many options for paragliding all over Switzerland and I was honestly not sure when or where to do it when I got there. As far as the location goes, I really don’t think there is a wrong place to paraglide in Switzerland, as the scenery in this country is beyond stunning everywhere you turn. While in Lucerne, I asked the concierges at the Grand Hotel National and they recommended SkyGlide to book with. I called and booked for the same day, which was great for me, because I don’t like waiting 🙂 .

The valley we glided over

The entire experience with SkyGlide was fabulous, and I can’t recommend it highly enough! The instructor picked us up from our hotel in their company van and drove us out to the mountain and returned us to the hotel via the same way at the end of the trip. Easy easy! We were supposed to go to Mount Pilatus (one of the top things to do in Lucerne) but the weather in the afternoon on Pilatus wasn’t favorable that day so we improvised and went to another mountain nearby.

Heading up the mountain in the gondola

Our group consisted of three flyers and two instructors, which I thought was perfect for this type of activity. But SkyGlide can accommodate large groups as well, as they have many professional pilots! When we arrived in the valley below the mountain, the instructor told us that we were on a farmer’s land who graciously lets them use his land as needed. How cute is that?! We took a small gondola up the side of the mountain to the top, where we would start our flight. Once up there, our instructors, Dani and Peter, got everything situated for us. They went over safety and then off we went. And by off we went, I mean we literally ran off the side of the mountain! The flight I did was tandem- so it was just me and Dani in the air.

The farmer and the gondola
Dani getting us ready to go!
At the top- almost ready!
Ready to take off!

As we glided down, we floated over the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen- a lush, green valley dotted with quaint Swiss chalets and cows with their chiming cow bells. I’m not sure I could have painted something more pristine. I know someone out there is wondering if this is scary and the answer is NO! At first when you are running, you are filled with adrenaline and then once you are airborne, you are gliding so gracefully through the air. I am not a fan of heights, but I had no issue with this. I felt so safe the entire time, and, although it was one of the most exhilarating things I’ve done, it was also one of the most peaceful things I have ever done. The entire flight time was about twenty minutes or so.

High above the valley

We landed in a large field near the farmer’s home and then had some down time to sit and chat on the farmer’s patio. The farmer’s wife also made many foods and drinks that you could try, which added such a sweet touch to the experience. I can not say enough good things about my experience with SkyGlide! You definitely don’t want to miss this experience while in Switzerland!

Preparing to land
Landing in the farmer’s field

To book (you should DEFINITELY book this one):


Phone: +41 41 620 20 22



High above a waterfall!


  • It’s ok to book while you’re there (as opposed to booking prior to leaving for your trip), as the sport is very weather-permitting, but be flexible with your times if doing this
  • Be open to change- as the location or time may change depending on the weather- Safety first!
  • Book to fly near the beginning of your trip in case it has to be changed for weather or any other reason
  • The group you’re going with can be just about any size as SkyGlide has a large network of professional pilots that can help with any size group (I, myself, prefer small groups, but SkyGlide can accommodate large groups as well!)
  • You can pick the location you want to fly from, so if you have one in mind, speak with them when booking
  • You fly tandem with an experienced pilot, so no worries if you have no experience with paragliding- I didn’t either!
  • SkyGlide flies year round- but remember that whatever the weather is on the ground, it’s colder in the air so dress accordingly
  • This activity is available for people of any age
  • What to wear/ bring:
    • Tennis shoes or boots (no flip flops, flats or something that could fly off while in the air)
    • It’s chillier in the air than on the ground so bring layers– I recommend a light weight shirt under a heavier shirt and then bring a jacket (something that blocks wind would be ideal) for the flight
    • Camera (obviously!)
    • You’ll be given a helmet to wear, so something to hold your hair back or fix your hair afterwards if needed
    • Money- to pay for the trip and the optional video and photos of your flight (have some cash handy as I had to pay cash when I went- they may accept credit cards now though)
    • They take GoPro photos and videos of your flight, which you have the option to purchase- they will email it directly to you (the photos and video in the air in this post are from the guys at SkyGlide!)
    • Sunscreen lotion, because we all know how I feel about skincare and protection
    • Sunglasses
Heading back to the van

If you end up booking with and flying with SkyGlide, let me know how you enjoyed it in the comments! And if you’re going, then HAVE FUN!!! It’s an adventure of a lifetime!



  1. Dear Kaitlyn
    Thanks for the great blog entry …
    The flight was a pleasure for me.

    Best regards Team SkyGlide Dani

  2. I really enjoy reading your posts. Really like the video. It also let me think about it, how beautiful and colorful the landscape of Switzerland is although it is a little dot on this planet :). Not forgetting the biodiversity.

    P.S. I really should go paragliding again! Thanks for reminding me to put this on my ToDo-list 😉

    • kaitlyndiane_ Reply

      Thank you so much! YES YOU SHOULD! GET OUT THERE! 🙂

  3. Such a great article and photos are amazing. I really like the video too!

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