Goooood morning, guys! I thought this morning I would do something a little different and start a fun post that will go up weekly! I’m calling it My Friday Favs BUT am open to other suggestions! Basically, I want it to be a quick read about some of my favorite/ most exciting things from each week or just life in general. It’ll rotate and be slightly different from week to week but will include some good stuff! So.. HERE. WE. GO!

1. Fav thing I’ve done recently

Not too bad of a view from our seats 😉

This last year has been my year of tennis. This August marks one year of playing tennis and my only regret is that I didn’t start playing it sooner! Nevertheless, I have been to tennis tournaments in the past, but I wasn’t playing tennis then so they were fun but just an activity and that’s about it. SO, when the Western and Southern Open tennis tournament came to Cincinnati (only 1 1/2 hours from me!), I was like heck yes I’m going! And I ended up going TWICE! It was so so so so so much fun! Probably one of the most fun things I’ve done in a while! (And I feel like I am always doing fun things!) It was just so neat to get to see all of the pros up close and watch some AMAZING tennis! One day I went with some girlfriends of mine that I met through tennis and the other day I went with my mom (who is the one who really got me into tennis, so that was special to get to experience the day with her). Both days we had seats (really good seats I might add!) on center court and got to walk around and see the pros practicing/ warming up on side courts. The weather was beautiful, the tennis was incredible, the company was perfect.. it was just a super ridiculously fun two days! And now I want to travel the world attending tennis tournaments! Goals, right?! Hahah!

2. Fav food I’ve eaten while traveling (& where to find it)
I love love trying new foods, especially when I’m traveling because food is such a big part of culture. One of my favorite foods I’ve had while traveling has been a warm scone with jam I had at a tiny stand in the Scottish Highlands near Loch Lubnaig. I’m a sucker for carbs but scones have to be my favorite. This scone was the warmest, fluffiest, yummiest, most amazing scone I’ve ever eaten and the jam on top was heavenly (cue angles singing). All of the ingredients were local too. One day, I’ll venture back and find this shop and order 15 of them because they were just too good.

 3. Fav hair product 

This isn’t just a recent fav hair product- I’ve been using it all summer and I’m still completely obsessed with it. Briogeo’s Rosarco Milk leave-in conditioning spray is BOMB. It smells incredible and makes your hair so soft without weighing it down (that’s what I usually find is wrong with most hair products I use). It’s a pump spray and you just spritz it on your wet or damp hair after showering and then style it as normal. #hairtoss

4. Fav recent purchase
Ok, so technically I haven’t yet received or tried these products, but I did order them and I’m ridiculously excited about them! I have been looking at them for a while and finally made the purchase yesterday- Tropeaka’s Alkaline Greens powder and Maca powder. This past year, I have become more attuned to and interested in more holistic and natural products and treatments for optimizing my health and changing my body from the inside out. In doing that, I came across a girl on Instagram (shout out to @sarahs_day) who introduced me to these products. Tropeaka has an extensive line of products, all focusing on helping you be the best and healthiest version of you. I’ll let you guys know how I like the two I ordered once I give them a try for a bit!

5. Fav travel website currently
In October, I’ll be heading to Iceland and Copenhagen, so I’ve been doing some trip planning recently and came across the travel website, kimkim. Honestly, I had never heard of them or used them in the past and I’m sad I didn’t because they are truly so cool! They offer trip ideas for how you can optimize your set number of days in a certain location. They even go into great detail about how far certain sites are from another, best way to get there, tips about weather/ roads/ time of year, why you should stop at a certain stop, and everything in between. You can even send in your trip dates, location, and ideas of what you’re wanting out the the trip and they can help you tailor your time there to hit everything you’re wanting to hit! They’ll even book rental cars, hotels, tickets, etc for you. Makes trip planning a lot simpler when you get to talk to an expert who is really familiar with the location. Go check them out! You may even find some ideas there for future trips (I know I did!)!

I hope you guys enjoyed this first Friday Favs post! Let me know what you thought and any suggestions you have in the comments below! Cheers to the weekend and the last days of summertime!

xo Kaitlyn Diane

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