Hey guys! Welcome to The Restless Passport! I couldn’t be more thrilled that you’re here! My name is Kaitlyn (I typically go by Katie but love both names!) and I’m the creator behind this digital dream. I created The Restless Passport as a place for my travel and lifestyle experiences, goals and dreams to come to life. Traveling is my absolute passion in life and I am so excited to be sharing it with you now! My hope is that this space becomes a go-to for you when planning or dreaming about travel, lifestyle or anything fun. Besides traveling, I am passionate about tennis, skin care, healthy living, any type of activity, and living the life of your dreams (aka Chasing the royal flush). At the risk of sounding cliche- life is short and precious and we each have a limited amount of time to do anything and everything we want to do, so I decided to go for it! I hope you follow along on this amazing journey with me! I’d also love to hear from you, so contact me here or leave a comment!



Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Profession: Nurse practitioner (BSN and MSN both from Bellarmine University – GO KNIGHTS!)

My favorite places to travel: ANYWHERE (duh!), but mostly places outside of the norm or off the beaten path

My travel-planning style: Last minute (booking far in advance is not for me- I love spontaneity in my life, so planning a trip months in advance makes life too scheduled and predictable)

Favorite airline: DELTA (Overall, they have the best prices, best policies, and are on-time and more efficient (I love efficiency!) than any other airline I’ve flown with.)

Travel accommodation style: I’m a bit of a contradiction here- I have and will stay anywhere from a hostel to a five-star hotel and anything in between, as I love to try new things; however, I typically prefer hotels when I travel. (Contrary to many beliefs, there are easy ways to get good deals on hotels.)

Window seat or isle seat: WINDOW! You have something to lean on to sleep if needed and can view the world from above!

Favorite workouts/ activities: Tennis, yoga, cycling, Pure Barre, swimming, hiking…

Guilty pleasure: Getting my nails done (I feel so put together and in control when my nails look good)

Favorite social media site: Instagram, of course

Cats or dogs: CATS, handsdown. I have a little kitty named Nala and co-parent three more, Stella, Alba and Penny Lane. (insert heart-eye emoji here)

Random fact about me: I don’t have a Netflix account (shocking, I know!) and I don’t have any TV shows I follow


“I travel because I become uncomfortable being too comfortable.” -Carew Papritz


Kaitlyn Diane